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Citizenship education on CD
The DecisionMaker Guide to Parliament and Government 2006 edition for New Zealand, first quarter 2006, was released on CD with new features in April 2006.

Find out more
about getting your single or bulk copies.

We will provide periodic citizenship education updates on the site, focusing on some special topics on sale via password and in quarterly CD or DVD DecisionMaker releases.

Updated 15 March 2006

About the 6th edition,
1st quarter 2006 CD, DecisionMaker Guide to Parliament and Government

New Zealand is a pluralist, secular democracy with a small and relatively well educated population, good communication and an active media. We have a number of loosely-defined cultural communities and a stream of immigrants, all contributing to our inclusive, national Kiwi identity.

Citizens have a responsibility to vote; and they should know their own rights. They will be consulted; they should participate.

Citizenship education online
The challenge is to ensure that young people and new arrivals receive grounding in the essential framework, and that older age groups are kept up to date with significant changes in the system. Whether this is achieved in traditional or in modern ways, it is citizenship education.

Find out more
Use this DVD, logon to and links to many specialised websites, for citizenship education particularly for young people, new arrivals in New Zealand and tutors who assist them. E-mail DecisionMaker, or participants in this citizenship education project, to find out more.

Visit Parliament and its neighbourhood
Plan a visit to Parliament, to Wellington and the wider neighbourhood. Citizens need to know how to find their way about the organisation and procedures of Parliament and the government – and the law.

Our objectives for DecisionMaker citizenship education online can be summarized as follows:
o We can provide you with detailed information about our democracy such as: how Parliament works, how members are elected by fellow citizens. Our core and supplementary content, built up and revised after each election since 1990, is about the big picture, how Parliament works, how government works, how law works and special interest directories. Some of our content is authoritative, some is independent, some is both!

Find out more from our content via our black and yellow navigation bars.

We work to assist people to participate in the political process, and get access to information and services. We do this through our content, multi-channel distribution, digital services, e-democracy innovation, addressing new arrivals unmet needs, migrant-host communication, and delivery of our services.

Find out more about our approach from the Centre for Citizenship Education.

o We provide worksheets supporting education about people’s identity and role as citizens for use in the social sciences in schools – not only social studies but increasingly also in history, geography and economics.

Find out more from our education worksheets.

- including past people in Parliament

- another service to help you navigate around the political system

- Click on any link to find out more about the topic you are reading. Click on help to on the side or top of page to find out more about the technology we are using.

Updated content and links by DecisionMaker publisher Anthony Haas, 14 March, 2006










Have you seen our 2007 social studies educational publication Kansai through Kiwi eyes?






New features in the 6th DecisionMaker Guide

Useful links to the whole of government, useful directories with websites, email addresses for Government departments, for State owned entities, sources of contacts on cultural diversity and many others who can inform and service citizens have been added to the 6th edition of the DecisionMaker Guide.

We welcome further reciprocal links between and MPs, central and local government officials, community and voluntary organisations, schools, libraries, workplaces, homes and others who can connect citizens.

The big picture
Constitutional milestones
MMP’s first decade
National identities
Handling local issues
Pacific citizens

How Parliament works
The 2005 Speech from the Throne
- the government arrangements targeted on three years in government
Political parties in Parliament
– what they and MPs elected in 2005 represent
Where MPs sit in Parliament
Links to the backgrounds and pix of all MPs - party by party
NZ First
United Future

Parliamentary scrutiny of SOEs, Crown entities
Electing Parliament 2008?
Draft Code of Ethics for the New Zealand Parliament
Maori Electoral Option April Aug 2006 Some current topics before select committees: e.g. obesity

How Government works
How the Prime Minister’s Department handles major challenges
Cabinet committee memberships and objectives
More than 77 post election briefings for Ministers
E-government innovation options
Some current topics facing PM, Opposition leader, ministers e.g. tax reform

How law works
Diversity Action Plan

A message for
Citizenship education tutors

Guidelines are available to assist citizenship educational tutors such as current MPs, former MPs, financial advisers, advocates of public interest programmes, and teachers.

Citizenship education resources
Well established worksheets and DecisionMaker briefings, case studies and profiles are available for social studies - and other social science - teachers to use to assist students’ inquiries into people’s identity and role as citizens – and are in development for more social science teachers






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