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  • The sixth edition of the DecisionMaker Guide to Parliament and Government for New Zealand is ready for release in CD-ROM from April 2006. The update and new features have been in preparation on decisionmaker.co.nz since the eve of the 2005 New Zealand General election and during the first quarter 2006.
  1. The CD may be purchased from DecisionMaker Book Marketing and Distribution, 1 copy for $40 + GST, good bookstores and other channels. Bulk copies are available from the publisher as follows:

  2. 1 copy $40, 10 copies $240, 100 copies $2,400, 1000 copies $24,000
  • New features to add to updates of core and supplementary content in the 2003 DecisionMaker Guide include:

    The big picture
    MMP’s first decade
    National identities
    Handling local issues
    Constitutional milestones

    How Parliament works
    2005 Speech from the Throne
    Government arrangements
    Political parties in Parliament
    – what they and MPs elected in 2005 represent
    Where MPs sit in Parliament
    Draft Code of Ethics for the New Zealand Parliament
    Parliamentary scrutiny of SOES, Crown entities
    Maori electoral option April Aug 2006
    Electing Parliament 2008?

    How Government works
    How the PM’s Department handles major challenges
    Cabinet committee memberships and objectives
    More than 77 post election briefings for Ministers
    E-government innovation options

    Directory on Cultural Diversity
    Working with ethnic communities
    Interfaith dialogue
    Understanding Islam

    and more, including email and website links that help you and your audiences find out more....

  • DecisionMaker Publications' and other titles may be purchased from DecisionMaker Book Marketing and Distribution, a service of Asia Pacific Economic News Ltd (APEN) provided by Stephen Sedley at the following "bookmarketing" addresses. DecisionMaker Publications is an imprint of APEN.

Find out more about titles handled by DecisionMaker Book Marketing and Distribution, including

  • DecisionMaker Guide to Local Government, print and cd-rom editions published in July 2004.

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Parliament and Government 2003: Print - No. of Copies at $29.99
Parliament and Government 2006 cd-rom - 1 copy $40.00
Local Government: Print - No. of Copies at $29.99
Local Government: cd-rom - No. of Copies at $14.99
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We can help you obtain other titles: current titles include:

  • New Zealand Identities, Departures and Destination: James H Liu, Tim McCreanor, Tracey McIntosh, and Teresia Teaiwa (Available from Vic Books or Victoria University Press) Click here to order
  • Aliens at my Table, Asians as New Zealanders see them: Manying Ip & Nigel Murphy (Available from Vic Books) Click here to order

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