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DecisionMaker Planning Pays Off!

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The site map of the next DecisionMaker Planning Pays Off!, drawing on the feedback from the 2000 edition, and with new modules in development will cover at least the following:

Why should I save?

Why start saving?
How to start saving?
Can you afford to retire?
Starting a retirement savings plan
Clearing debt vs saving
Understanding your whole financial needs (in development)

How can I save?

The ABC of investing
Understand different investment types
Understand investment risk
Compound interest
The power of compounding interest
What is financial planning?
Bank deposits and bonds
Your home as an investment
Buying your first home
Investing in rental property (in expansion)
Investing in selected property (in development)
How sharemarket investing works
Becoming a sharemarket investor
What are managed funds?
Choosing the right managed fund
Fees and commissions (in development)
Master trusts (in development)
Why join a superannuation scheme?
Dollar cost averaging
Diversification made easy
Trustee services

Protection provided by independent trustees
Corporate (in development)
Individual (in development)
Codes of practice (in development)

What professional advice is available (in development)

Explaining and managing debt

Your guide to borrowing debt
Personal loans
Keeping credit cards under control
Credit cards vs. debit cards
Vehicle finance: tips and traps
How mortgages work
What size mortgage?
Different types of mortgages

Paying for tertiary education

Student loans
How do student loans work?
Creating an education fund

Superannuation and savings

How governments save and invest
How savings benefit the economy
Superannuation policy
Compulsion and the alternatives
What other countries do
Superannuation and Women
Superannuation and migrants to Australia
Superannuation for Pacific peoples (in development)
Managing your money, savings and investment in retirement (in development)
Wills (in development)
Enduring power of attorney (in development)
Personal trusts (in development)

Risk and Insurance

Insurance vs. risk management
House, contents and car insurance
Life insurance
Income protection and disability insurance
Health insurance
The State safety net
What is risk?
Risk list
You need a plan for success
You and your coaches: Think about protecting your assets (in development)

Consumer and community

Your rights as a consumer/investor
The rules and referees
Who can I complain to?
Investor protection (in development)
Ten sample rip offs (in development)
Helping people prior to investment decisions (in development)

Investment statement

You and your coaches: Setting your strategy (in development)

Looking wider

Planning and budgeting overview (in development)

The taxation factor for rich and poor (in development)
How does the money market work (in development)
How does the foreign exchange market work (in development)
Individual (in development)

Growth and innovation

Conditions for long term sustainable economic growth (in development)
Closer economic relations
Australia New Zealand stepping stone to investment growth (in development)
Pacific Islands investment (in development)

Knowledge resources

Planning Pays Off Partner Directory

Educational Resources

Year 9 & 10 students
Senior students
Tertiary students

The site will be able to include extra modules of content, and tools, to meet the needs of selected target audiences.