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Please refer to this section whenever you experience problems in either navigating the site, or if you are unsure of where to find particular information


Site appearance

This site has been designed to suit all major web browsers. If you are having trouble seeing certain areas, or if things look somewhat strange, please look at the tips below.

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New content (Clearing browsers cache)

A common complaint of viewers of many websites is that they are unable to view fresh content when it has actually been made available by the webmaster.

Web browsers actually cache (store) some page of websites to quicken the time it takes for the viewer to view a site's content. As a result, minor changes could be made to a site without the browser actually connecting to parts of the site itself, thus giving the illusion that the viewer is seeing up-to-date content.

In order to ensure you are connecting to the desired site, click 'refresh' (Internet Explorwer) or 'reload' (Netscape) this will connect your browser to the site proper.

If you still believe you should be viewing new or updated content of a page but are unable to do so please try following the steps below to empty your browser's cache:

(Note: Once you clear the cache of your browser you will lose the its memory of recently visited websites.)

If you are unsure of your browser's version; click 'Help' (Netscape & Explorer) followed by 'About Internet Explorer' or 'About Netscape' . In the pop-up window will be displayed the version number.


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We suggest using the latest versions of one of the three most popular browsers on the market: Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 and above, Netscape Navigator version 7 and above, or Opera 7 and above.

They can available on our cd-rom in the browsers directory. They can also be accessed over the Internet by selecting the appropriate highlighted text below, then following the links and instructions from there. They are free to download onto your computer.

Netscape Navigator 7

Internet Explorer 6.0
Opera 7

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Resolution and Display

Some computers are set up to display information using a screen resolution of 640 x 400, using a colour palette of 256 colours, this means that your monitor is displaying an area that has 640 dots horizontally, 480 dots vertically and can only display 256 different colours on the screen at a time.

What's so bad about that? Resolution: The larger your screen resolution, the more information you can see on the screen, which means less mouse scrolling.
640 x 480 resolution can usually be adjusted to 800 x 600 to display more data. The most common resolution at the time of the publication of this cd-rom was 1024 x 768.

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More and more web pages are being designed to use thousands of colours. So if your monitor is configured to use only 256 colours, some graphics and pictures you view may appear rather "grainy".

Use your computer's help menu or go to 'control panel' (PC's) to find out how to change your screen resolution and colour display.

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Downloading Microsoft Word documents

Downloadable articles are in MS Word 7/98 format. This is an older version of Word, to maximise the number of users able to open and read the document.

Simply click your mouse on the hotlink and the file will automatically open in a few seconds later. Print it off for your records or read it there and then.

If you wish to save the document for later viewing then go to your FILE menu on the browser you're using and click 'save as' you will be prompted to give your file a name and a place to save it on your computer.

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Search tips

The search facility requires the Java runtime engine. If when you try to search all that appears is a grey box with a small red cross in it, you may not have Java on your system. The Java runtime engine for Windows machines is in the browser directory on this cd-rom. Just click on the file that begins j2re-1 to install.

The search seeks for key words, then lists the pages on which these words appear.

If you want the search results to show only those pages with all of your key words, type AND in front of each of the words that form your search. If you want the search results to show pages with any of the key words, type OR in front of each of the words. You can use a mix of these techniques; for example, local AND government OR body OR authority would find local government, local body and local authority.

Specify words that you do not wish to appear in the search results, by typing NOT in front of words that form your search; for example, local AND government OR body NOT authority.


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