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Guide to 2008 NZ Election
Archived NZ Parlt 2005-08
Archived NZ Parlt 2002-05
Our Parliament House
International perspectives on democracy
Electing Parliament
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Parliamentary parties
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United Future
Forming the government
Composition of Parliament
The role of the Speaker
Who drafts the laws?
How laws are made
How a bill becomes an act
The Office of the Clerk
Parliamentary Service
MP's pay
A Labour example - Darren Hughes
A National example -
John Key
Select committees
Select commitee members
Petitioning Parliament
Visiting Parliament
Opinion polls
Parliamentary history
The New Zealand Business and Parliament Trust



ACT New Zealand, two MPs

Members of New Zealand's 48th Parliament, elected September 2005

Rodney Hide was ACT leader at election time. The office manager in ACT's Parliamentary office was Sandy Grove.

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HIDE, Rodney
Epsom Electorate

HIDE, Rodney , Epsom, ACT MP

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ROY, Heather
List Seat

ROY, Heather , ACT list  MP

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Updated 24 September 2005