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Special-interest directories:

Citizenship education

A navigational tool....

This DecisionMaker Directory can be used to find advocates for citizen rights, and to find the way around New Zealand’s parliamentary, government and legal institutions. Use the yellow navigation strip on your left, click on the special interest directory most relevant to you, and burrow downstream for the detail you want - knowing in the end we point you to organisations from whom you can find out more by websearch, email or other forms of contact.

It will be more useful when backed by DecisionMaker Guide to Parliament and Government briefings, profiles and case studies, where information begins to become knowledge. It will be most useful if followed up through the organisations themselves, and with those who monitor, report and analyse on the range of agencies who should work in a whole-of-government way to meet your needs.

DecisionMaker Publications built and will further develop this directory by:

choosing from previous DecisionMaker triennial and quarterly editions and other sources those listings that would most support citizenship education

updating organisation names, descriptions, website and other addresses by contacting them, or searching out their electronic or print published information

updating from relevant DecisionMaker triennial and quarterly editions and other sources

selling space to providers of core and supplementary content.

Participation is invited in updated DecisionMaker Directories.

Contact the publisher, editor or account executive to make content or distribution arrangements.

Previous select DecisionMaker Directories include:

The online Directory on Cultural Diversity, and print glossaries of political terms,
health and disability products and services, financial dictionary , and trade and investment in the South Pacific.

DecisionMaker Directories 2006 are published on and, as demand warrants, in dvd, print, cd-rom, and other formats.

Watch out in particular for Municpall Marketplace, a service to enhance the link between those servicing central-local government relations. Find out more from Asia Pacific Economic News Ltd.

Updated 4 March 2006


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