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The Office of the Clerk

The position of Clerk of the House of Representatives is one of the oldest public offices in New Zealand. It dates from 1854 when Parliament met for the first time.

The Clerk of the House heads an Office of State, the Office of the Clerk, which received statutory recognition in 1988. The Clerk is responsible to the Speaker for the Office.

The Clerk and the staff of the Office provide constitutional support for the operation of Parliament and its committees. They give expert advice on parliamentary procedures, make administrative arrangements for meetings of the House and committees, and arrange for information on parliamentary activity to be printed and published.

The Office of the Clerk provides a number of services.
Chamber services provide support for meetings of the House itself. They examine and process the petitions, documents and questions presented to the House, arrange the publication of information about the business before Parliament, and help Members draft bills and amendments.

Hansard services make a full report of Members' speeches in the House and at some select committees. Speeches are subject to limited editing to remove obvious errors and repetitions and to ensure that a reader can understand the references that members make in their speeches.

Select committee services make arrangements for the meetings of most select committees, including advertising for and receiving submissions, organising hearings of evidence, contracting specialist advisers, providing advice, conducting research, and drafting and publishing reports.

Legislative counsel provide drafting, legal and policy services to Members and the Clerk.

Broadcasting services ensure that proceedings of the House are available through the public broadcasting network.

Interpretation services provide a facility for the immediate interpretation of Māori spoken in debates in the House.

Internet services maintain the parliamentary website
(, providing access to parliamentary papers and publications, as well as to a calendar of parliamentary sitting days, and information about select committee hearings and dates.

Corporate services provide administrative and financial support for the Office.

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Parliamentary Service, Parliament Buildings, Wellington
Tel: 04 471 9999, Fax: 04 472 2551 or contact us by Email.

Office of the Clerk, Parliament Buildings, Wellington
Tel: 04 471 9999, Fax: 04 473 2439