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Directory for citizenship education

State-owned enterprises.
Government departments. Parliamentary offices. Crown entities.
Information and services. Help with rights and the law. District health boards. Crown entities.
Local authorities.


Government departments

Agriculture and Forestry

Provides agriculture and forestry information, analysis and advice. Protects New Zealand agriculture from imported pests and diseases.
Tel: +64 4 474 4100
Email: info@maf.govt.nz

Child, Youth and Family

Works with at-risk children and young people and their families.
Tel: 04 918 9100, 04 918 9299
Tle: 0508 FAMILY (0508 326 459)
Email: webinfo@cyf.govt.nz
Web: www.cyf.govt.nz


Administers Crown land protected for scenic, scientific, historic or cultural reasons, or recreation.
Tel: 04 471 0726
Web: www.doc.govt.nz/

Consumer Affairs, Ministry of

See Help with rights and the law,


Contributes to safer communities through reducing re-offending
Telephone: 04 499 5620
Email: website.manager@it.corrections.govt.nz
Web: www.corrections.govt.nz


Resolves disputes between the State and individuals, or between individuals.
Telephone: 04 918 8800
Web: www.courts.govt.nz
Email: library@courts.govt.nz
Name: Rules Committee
Email: rulescommittee@courts.govt.nz
Name: Department for Courts,

Crown Law Office

Provides legal advice and represent-ation to the New Zealand Government, and its agencies.
Email: library@crownlaw.govt.nz
Web: http://www.crownlaw.govt.nz

Culture and Heritage

Provides advice to the government on culture and heritage matters.
Tel: 04 499 4229
Email: info@mch.govt.nz
Web: www.mch.govt.nz


Manages risks from the movement of goods, people and craft across the border, collects specified Crown revenues.
Tel: 0800 428 786 (Within NZ)
+64 9 300 5399 (Outside NZ )
Email: feedback@customs.govt.nz
Web: www.customs.govt.nz


Provides high quality advice to enable the Government to make well-informed judgements on the defence of New Zealand.
Telephone: 04 496 0999
Web: hwww.defence.govt.nz

Economic Development

Advises on, coordinates and aligns activities that stimulate economic development.
Tel: +64 4 472 0030
Email: info@med.govt.nz
Web: www.med.govt.nz

Education Review Office

Reviews and reports on the quality of education in all New Zealand schools and early childhood services.
Tel: 04 499 2489
Email: info@ero.govt.nz
Web: www.ero.govt.nz


edCentre link

edCentre was created by the government agencies below to give easy access to information about education held on their own websites and on other relevant New Zealand websites. Find out more about educational resources.

Career Services helps New Zealanders to make good decisions about careers, education and training by providing impartial information and support.

The New Zealand Teachers’ Council provides professional leadership in teaching, enhances the professional status of teachers in schools and early childhood education, and contributes to a safe and high quality teaching and learning environment for children and other learners

ERO reviews and reports publicly on the quality of education in all NZ schools and early childhood education services. It also publishes national reports on current education topics.

TEC is responsible for government-funded post compulsory education and training offered in New Zealand.

The National Library provides access to the nation's heritage, preserves this heritage for future generations and provides resources to schools that support teaching and learning in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Qualifications Authority administers and assures the quality of assessments and qualifications.

We work with the education sector and the community to raise achievement and reduce disparity by focusing on excellence in teaching, quality providers and engaging families and communities in learning.





Builds on results already achieved to improve outcomes for our students, families and communities.
Email: enquiries.national@minedu.govt.nz


Reports to the Government on the New Zealand’s environment and the environmental laws and policies.
Tel: +64 4 917 7400
Email: library@mfe.govt.nz
Web: www.mfe.govt.nz/


Responsible for the sustainable utilisation of fisheries.
Email: comms@fish.govt.nz
Web: www.fish.govt.nz/
Foreign Affairs and Trade
Manages dealings with other countries and assists New Zealanders in difficulty overseas.
Tel: 04 439 8000, Fax: 04 472 9596
Email: enquiries@mfat.govt.nz
Web: www.mfat.govt.nz


Ensures the health and disability system works for New Zealanders.
Tel: 04 496 2000, Fax: 04 496 2340
Email: EmailMOH@moh.govt.nz
Web: www.moh.govt.nz


Protects the rights of residential tenants and landlords.
Tel: 04 472 2753, Fax: 04 499 4744
Web: www.minhousing.govt.nz

Inland Revenue

Provides quality tax and social policy services to Government.
Tel: 04 473 0920, Fax: 04 473 2815
Web: www.ird.govt.nz

Internal Affairs

Serves and connects citizens, communities and government.
Tel: 04 495 7200
Email: info@dia.govt.nz
Web: /www.dia.govt.nz/diawebsite.nsf
Tel: 04 994 0576
Email: lgc@dia.govt.nz


Provides advice and leadership on strategic, policy, information, and purchase issues across the justice sector.
Tel: 04 494 9700
Email: reception@justice.govt.nz
Web: www.justice.govt.nz


Ensures people are safe and treated fairly at work, develops community employment.
Tel: +64 4 915 4000
Web: www.dol.govt.nz

Land Information New Zealand

Provides valuation and other land information, including Treaty of Waitangi claim information.
Tel: 04 460 0110
Email: info@linz.govt.nz
Web: www.linz.govt.nz

Te Puni Kokiri (Ministry of Māori Development)

Advises the Minister of Māori Affairs on policy initiatives.
Tel: 0800 94 99 97, 04 922 6000
Email: tpkinfo@tpk.govt.nz
Web: www.tpk.govt.nz

National Library of New Zealand

Collects, maintains and makes available, literature and information resources that relate to New Zealand and the Pacific.
Tel: 044743000
Email: information@natlib.govt.nz
Web: www.natlib.govt.nz

Pacific Island Affairs

Promotes the development of Pacific peoples in New Zealand.
Tel: 04 473 4493
Email: contact@minpac.govt.nz
Web: www.minpac.govt.nz/


Prime Minister and Cabinet (Department of)

Serves the Executive (the Prime Minister, the Governor-General, and the Cabinet).
Tel: 04 471 9035 (General enquiries)
Email: dpmc.information@parliament.govt.nz
Web: www.dpmc.govt.nz

Public Trust

Offers independent, professional advice and a wide range of legal and financial services.
Tel: 0800 371 471
Email: info@publictrust.co.nz
Web: http://www.publictrust.co.nz

Research, Science and Technology

Inspires and assists New Zealanders to create a better future through research and innovation.
Tel: 04 917 2900
Email: talk2us@morst.govt.nz
Web: www.morst.govt.nz

Serious Fraud Office

Undertakes the detection, investigation and prosecution of serious and/or complex fraud.
Tel: 09 303 0121
Freephone 0800 109 800
Email: SFO@sfo.govt.nz
Web: sfo.govt.nz/

Social Development

Provides strategic social policy advice to Government and delivers income support and employment services.
Tel: 04 916 3860
Email: information@msd.govt.nz
Web: www.msd.govt.nz

State Services Commission

Supports the State Services Commissioner in the discharge of his statutory responsibilities.
Tel: +64 4 495 6600
Web: www.ssc.govt.nz
Web: www.stats.govt.nz

Statistics New Zealand (Te Tari Tatau)

Statistics New Zealand – Te Tari Tatau is the country’s national statistical agency and the major source of official statistics. Each year the department produces a wealth of information about people, households, business and economic activity.
Statistics New Zealand offers a choice of distribution options. The website www.stats.govt.nz is a key distribution channel providing access to a vast range of free information about New Zealand.
Tel: 0508 525 525
Web: www.stats.govt.nz


Ensures transport services that are accessible, efficient and safe for both people and our environment.
Email: reception@transport.govt.nz
Web: www.transport.govt.nz


The Government’s primary economic and financial advisor.
Tel: 04 472 2733
Email: information@treasury.govt.nz
Web: www.treasury.govt.nz

Women’s Affairs

Provides gender-specific advice.
Tel: 04 473 4112
Email: mwa@mwa.govt.nz
Web: www.mwa.govt.nz

Work and Income

Helps people into work, and provides income support as needed.
Tel: 04 916 3300
Email: info@winz.govt.nz
Web: www.winz.govt.nz

Youth Affairs

Provides policy advice on young people and their future.
Tel: 04 471 2158
Email: info@youthaffairs.govt.nz
Web: www.youthaffairs.govt.nz/


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