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Exercises and worksheets for highschool students.

New Zealand curriculum framework

How to use the worksheets

Worksheet contents

How to participate

Worksheet 9: Choosing a class representative

Applying the democratic process in the classroom

  1. How you can influence policy on issues that affect you – by voting:
    • For your representative on the School Council;
    • By becoming informed about the Electoral process and the need to be 'informed and responsible participants'.
  2. Prepare yourselves to vote for your student representative on the Board of Trustees.

Group activity

Divide the class into four groups. What issues do you think the Board should consider?

Make a list:

  • What sort of person would best represent you and the class?
  • List the attributes necessary.

For further reference
See also:

How your voice can be heard
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Class Activity

Hold a 'plenary' session (ie. a session involving the entire class).

  • Each group reports on their discussion.
  • Appoint someone to make a summary of the 'findings' and present them to the class for acceptance.
  • Take your recommendations to the School Council.