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Exercises and worksheets for highschool students.

New Zealand curriculum framework

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Worksheet 10: School Council nominations procedure

Electoral process and procedures

Ask the School Council to outline nomination procedures for school representative(s).
This can be either as a procedural paper which students discuss in groups, or by a School Council member speaking to the class.

Divide the class into four groups and appoint a facilitator.

Put forward nominations from your class. See that each nominee has a nominator, a second, and a brief synopsis of why they think they would be suitable.

Class exercise

Ask the people who would like to have your vote to be on the Board (candidates) to tell the class their views on your list of important issues (2 min addresses).

Are there any student rights you want your representative to promote on the Board of Trustees?

For further reference
See also:

Electing Parliament


Find out who is standing for election in your electorate. What party are they standing for? How are they promoting themselves and their policies? Do they use newspapers, pamphlets local radio stations etc?