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Exercises and worksheets for highschool students.

New Zealand curriculum framework

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NZ curriculum framework:

Parliament illustrates essential skills

The essential skills specified in the New Zealand Curriculum to be developed by all students across the whole curriculum throughout the years of schooling can be experienced and taught in role-playing about Parliament, government, the media and the rule of law.

Teachers will find activities here which illustrate the New Zealand Curriculum Essential Skills.

In 2006, the NZ Ministry of Education is actively addressing issues around citizenship as part of overall curriculum review, as well as specifically in the social sciences area.

Find out more expanding and updating the Ministry's November 2005 "essence statement "to ensure that future focused themes, including social cohesion and citizenship, are apparent throughout the curriculum".

Choose for relevant levels
Teachers will be able to select and develop activities for levels appropriate to spanning the accomplishments typical of junior primary students through to seventh formers. Learning can be fostered for advanced level students with activities, which involve interaction between a number of elements.

The curriculum defines a number of areas as essential learning about New Zealand including the origins, development, and operation of systems of government and the law, and local and national democratic institutions.

The resources presented are designed to help achieve this essential learning.