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Exercises and worksheets for highschool students.

New Zealand curriculum framework

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How to participate

Worksheet 12: National Election

What goes into making an election happen

The election of a school representative is a good introduction to understanding the process of how we elect our Members of Parliament and of the way that all members of society over the age of 18 should participate.

Class discussion

List the points made on the board.

What are the steps you took to define what:

  • Issues you wanted addressed on the School Council system; and
  • The sort of attributes you think a representative should have?
  • How does this relate to the National election?
  • How can you articulate issues you believe are important?
    • What is a 'manifesto'?
    • Who selects the local candidates?
    • Who selects the list candidates?
  • How do you know what the candidates are saying?
  • What meetings are being held in this area?
  • Could we organise a meeting?