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New Zealand curriculum framework

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Worksheet 3: Do you want New Zealand to be a Republic?

What is a Republic and should New Zealand become one?

  • Level 4: Changes in power relationships, political beliefs and forces through time.
  • Level 5: Political and constitutional change.
  • Level 6: Changing values and perceptions of organisations, time continuity and change.
  • Level 7: Political change, culture and heritage.

Collect newsclippings of debate on whether New Zealand should become a Republic

In order to do the following activity the concept of Republic needs to be understood.

For further reference
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  1. (10 min) Divide into groups of 3 – 4. As a group, decide how you would rewrite one or two of these newsclip headlines in your own words.
  2. (20 min) One person from each group reports back to the whole class on their group's findings.
  3. (10 min) Return to your earlier group and work out your answer to the question: Do you want New Zealand to be a Republic or not?
  4. (20 min) A different person from the groups reports to the class on your conclusion and your opinions.