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Directory on Cultural Diversity

Directory on Cultural Diversity


This online edition of the New Zealand Directory on Cultural Diversity, published by the Centre for Citizenship Education (CCE) as its partnership project with the Diversity Action Programme, will be enhanced in cooperation with others.

For citizenship education

Its first edition, published on NZ Race Relations Day, March 2005, incorporates CCE’s annual Directory for Citizenship Education.

This brings information on government departments, crown entities, state owned enterprises, information and services and help with rights and the law alongside content focused on helping culturally diverse New Zealanders and host society agencies work with each other.

Ten point plan

This in turn helps strengthen cultural diversity – a goal of the ten point Diversity Action Programme developed at Parliament in August 2004 in response to challenges to New Zealand’s racial harmony.

The purpose of the Directory on Cultural Diversity is to provide information and pathways to key organisations involved in promoting cultural diversity in New Zealand.

Copies of this enhanced Directory for citizenship education will be made available to participants in the national diversity forum to be held at Parliament in August 2005.


The CCE is working with project partners, publishers and account executives to produce the updated and expanded Directory online and in such other formats as may be possible.

The Directory on Cultural Diversity is supported by the DecisionMaker Guide to Parliament and Government, which is the guide to Parliament, government, the law and the big picture, first published by Asia Pacific Economic News Ltd in consultation with Parliamentary Services in 1990.


Use the Directory to help you navigate to the organizations that may help you find out more about your quest to strengthen cultural diversity.

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