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Having your say in health and disability: New Zealand communities can have a direct say ...

Why consult: Informed consultation assists DHBs, health service providers, and the public to ...

Plans: Each of the 21 DHBs is required to enter into a funding arrangement ...

"Start here" list of priorities: Given the large amount to do in the health sector, the Minister of Health ...

Understanding consultation: Consultation must take place with the...




“Start here” list of priorities

Given the large amount to do in the health sector, the Minister of Health, Annette King, has outlined a “start here list”. The list has four main priorities, which are:

1. Implement the service priorities. There are seven of these:

  • Māori health
  • disability issues
  • waiting times – medical, surgical, radiotherapy
  • diabetes incidence and impact
  • inequalities
  • primary health care
  • the Mental Health Blueprint.

2. Control growth of management and administration costs, in order to make the best use of the funds provided and ensure that service provision is the utmost priority.

3. Oversee industrial relations in order to control salary/wage growth. At the same time, boards must ensure better working conditions.

4. Innovate to obtain the best services within available funding.




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