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NZ Economic Transformation Report

  A DecisionMaker Pacific Citizens New Zealand Economic Transformation Report

Action plan for women needed within the broader 'Pacific Economic Action Plan'.

Associate Minister of Pacific Islands Affairs Luamanuvao Winnie Laban is “keen to work with a key group of Pacific women, who represent all of the key stakeholders, to develop an economic development action plan for women within the broader 'Pacific Economic Action Plan'. “

'Women in the workforce' is a key part of the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs' 'Pacific Economic Action Plan' Luamanuvao told the Pacifica AGM in Wellington on 24 February 2006.

The Government's vision is for Pacific women to develop a clear economic approach to transform our economic well-being into deliverable actions, which will benefit our families, our communities and New Zealand as a whole she says.

“I am personally committed to moving Pacific women from the margins to the centre and I am working closely with the Ministry to move Pacific women into sustainable, well-paid jobs. In order to achieve this, we need collaborative partnerships between Government, business and communities” she told Pacifica, the New Zealand wide Pacific women’s organisation.

She had just been at the launch of the ‘Pacific Women’s Economic Well-being Report’ that revealed a number of connected themes, including how the role of the family, the church and the community are central in the lives of Pacific women, and how these significantly influence decisions made in relation to work and other activities.

Homeowning programme for Pacific Peoples
DecisionMaker has identified another government service that goes some, but not all the way, to building home equity that could be applied by Pacific Islands families to building their businesses.

Pasifika Plus, "Homeowning programme for Pacific Peoples", is a Porirua and Wellington service funding by Housing New Zealand Corporation "to deliver educational workshops". Find out more from the website of the Pasifika Plus service that says ""the need for homeownership for Pacific families is now at a critical point".

Using home equity for business development
Explorations are being made by some New Zealand Pacific Island communities, including churches, to apply their equity to business activities. These could use the skills, education, finance sector and allied business employment experience, and central government programmes to create businesses such as in aged care.

By Anthony Haas, Asia Pacific Economic News Service, Press Gallery, Parliament Buildings
Updated 22 March 2006




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