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Cabinet Committees

New Zealand’s eight Cabinet committees, their structure, terms of reference and membership, were established in September 2002. During November 2005, arrangements were being made for the operation of Cabinet committees in the third Labour led government.

Policy Committee (POL) Considers major policy and strategic issues.

Cabinet Economic Development Committee (EDC) (replacing former Cabinet Economic Development Committee and Cabinet Finance, Infrastructure and Environment Committee)
Considers policies relating to economic development, the macroeconomic framework and economic infrastructure, and the environment.

Members in June 2004: Helen Clark; Michael Cullen (Chair); Jim Anderton; Jim Sutton; Trevor Mallard; Pete Hodgson; Margaret Wilson; Parekura Horomia; Mark Burton; Paul Swain; Marian Hobbs; John Tamihere; Chris Carter; Rick Barker; David Benson-Pope; Judith Tizard; Dover Samuels; Damien O'Connor; Harry Duynhowen; David Cunliffe.

Cabinet Social Development Committee (SDC) (replacing former Cabinet Education and Health Committee and Cabinet Social Equity Committee)
Considers social, education and health policy.

Members in June 2004: Helen Clark; Michael Cullen; Jim Anderton; Steve Maharey (Chair); Phil Goff; Annette King; Margaret Wilson; Parekura Horomia; George Hawkins; Marian Hobbs; Ruth Dyson; John Tamihere; Rick Barker; David Benson-Pope; Damien O'Connor; Taito Phillip Field.

Cabinet Legislation Committee (LEG) Considers the government's legislation programme, bills, regulations, government responses to select committee reports on inquiries and petitions, and other House business issues.

Members in June 2004: Helen Clark; Michael Cullen; Jim Anderton; Phil Goff; Margaret Wilson; Mark Burton (Chair); John Tamihere; David Benson-Pope; Jill Pettis; Matt Robson.

Cabinet Committee on Government Expenditure and Administration (EXG) Considers issues relating to government expenditure and administration.

Members in June 2004: Helen Clark; Michael Cullen; Jim Anderton; Trevor Mallard (Chair); Pete Hodgson; George Hawkins; Mark Burton; Ruth Dyson.

Cabinet Appointments and Honours Committee (APH) Considers key appointments to statutory and other government agencies, Public Service Chief Executive appointments, and nominations for the New Zealand Royal Honours.

Members in June 2004: Helen Clark (Chair); Michael Cullen; Jim Anderton; Steve Maharey; Phil Goff; Annette King; Trevor Mallard; Parekura Horomia; Mark Burton; Ruth Dyson; Chris Carter.

Cabinet External Relations and Defence Committee (ERD) Considers external relations and defence issues.

Members in June 2004: Helen Clark; Michael Cullen; Jim Anderton; Phil Goff (Chair); Jim Sutton; Mark Burton; Paul Swain; Marian Hobbs.

Cabinet Committee on Domestic and External Security Co-ordination (DES) (replacing the former Ad Hoc Cabinet Committee on Intelligence and Security and Ad Hoc Committee on Domestic and External Security Coordination)
Considers issues relating to the domestic and external security of New Zealand and New Zealanders.

Members in June 2004: Helen Clark (Chair); Michael Cullen; Jim Anderton; Phil Goff; Margaret Wilson; George Hawkins; Mark Burton; Paul Swain.


This list was correct at the time of publication. Check to see whether there have been any changes.