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Welcome to the Centre for Citizenship Education (CCE) homepage - and an introduction to our work in

  • policy formation, and its contribution to
  • professional development, and
  • publishing.

Our networking event on 22 August 2005, with people from Parliament, government, educational, publishing and culturally diverse circles, at Victoria University of Wellington, applied citizenship education experience to help develop New Zealand's cultural diversity.

CCE's Directory on Cultural Diversity, published first online, applies citizenship experience for all New Zealanders, and offers a tool for different people to use.

Our policy proposals in CCE's 2005 submission to a Parliamentary inquiry applies our experience to local government.

Our initial links are to international sources of experience in citizenship education.We help you link to potential partners in citizenship education.

You can add ideas that we can present for others in our documents section, CCE newsletter and elsewhere.

Ideas from our 22 August 2005 networking event have been drawn together from different circles in a scoping document to assist Parliament.

The Centre for Citizenship Education is a New Zealand charitable trust.

Anthonny Haas
Centre for Citizenship Education

Updated 9 February 2006

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