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About resources

One of the ways to find out more is through educational resources – only a fraction of which will be found in this part of the Kansai through Kiwi eyes website.

With each Kansai chapter find at least the narration we have provided in part with the film documentary on the Kansai through Kiwi eyes DVD – plus some interview reports from some of the approximately 100 Japanese we interviewed in Kansai, Tokyo and Wellington during 2006. Those Asia Pacific Economic News service reports, useful for teachers who want content to help them teach social studies concepts as well as others, also include some more specialized websites.

The websites were selected to help readers obtain information, and occasionally transact, to assist them to visit Kansai. The Japan National Tourism Organisation, and the Air New Zealand sites, give intending visitors quick access in planning and costing visits to Kansai.

More resources – primary sources in particular – will be found in these resources pages.

Other resources can also be found by normal bibliographic research, such as in libraries.

These might include Doing Business in Kansai, co-authored by Anthony Haas in 1993, whilst a research fellow at the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and published by the then New Zealand Centre for Japanese Studies.

The reports are also offered to assist those whose interest is in visiting Kansai - and in designing policy that can help lift the relationship to what Prime Ministers have called a new level of engagement. Further research to deepen the availability of Japan New Zealand resources for education and for policy is in development to follow up this project – find out more from Anthony Haas.

17 March 2007



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