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Cultural interaction,
Japan New Zealand
Kansai through Kiwi eyes 2007

DecisionMaker Education resources for social studies on several important topics published at intervals in recent decades are available here for teachers, students and those who assist them.

Kansai through Kiwi eyes 2007
The Kansai through Kiwi eyes project, published in the first quarter 2007, explores themes that illustrate ideas about society and how people interact. The project has presented ideas and issues that teachers may use – particularly for New Zealand Year nine and ten Social Studies. While each bite-size chapter explores the Kansai, it develops issues that are equally open to critical exploration in New Zealand society.

Kansai, Japan, New Zealand
DecisionMaker's mid 2007 multimedia project is focused on communicating more about Kansai, Japan and New Zealand. For example, issues of people's interaction with the environment, the system of government, the conservation of heritage sites and approaches entrepreneurs can take are all fertile areas of discovery.

The publisher of Kansai through Kiwi Eyes and its follow up welcomes expressions of interest from potential sponsors / co-publishers that may be interested in building on this platform, particularly to develop resources for primary school teachers of Social Studies.

Kansai through Kiwi eyes project sponsors|
Kansai through Kiwi eyes was published in 2007 by the Centre for Citizenship Education (CCE), a New Zealand charitable trust,
P O Box 3978, Wellington.

It was executed with a grant from the Osaka-based Commemorative Organization for the Japan World Exposition (’70).

New Zealand co-sponsors included the School of Marketing and International Business from Victoria University of Wellington, Air New Zealand, Asia Pacific Economic News (APEN) and the Centre for Citizenship Education.

APEN and CCE cooperate in adding value to DecisionMaker publications.

The project was also assisted directly and indirectly by more than 100 Japanese and New Zealanders, described in the Credits in the Find out more section at

Communicating Kansai
Asia Pacific Economic News Ltd agreed early in the second quarter 2007 to co-sponsor the publication of additional Centre for Citizenship Education educational resources on cultural interaction, illustrated by Kansai culture, government, and its economic world for Kiwis – and to assemble views on future perspectives.

The "Communicating Kansai" cultural interaction follow up chapters will be published on and on youtube at VisitKansai and in other media.

Film documentaries, teacher notes and worksheets proposed include:
• Conserving the past: heritage
• Kansai system of government
• Govt. making it happen: recycling rubbish
• Who chooses?: lunchbox dilemma
• Entrepreneurs: Kiwi and Japanese ingenuity
• Interconnections: aluminum and Japan NZ trade
• Selling identity: tourism
• Future perspectives

APEN and the CCE welcome the fuller participation of people and organizations who contributed to developmental work in the Kansai through Kiwi eyes project.

Participation of New Zealanders in communicating Kansai to Kiwis and allied concepts and contexts is particularly welcome.

The roll out of Kansai through Kiwi eyes during second quarter 2007 shows some of what can be achieved by cooperation between Japanese and New Zealanders – and some of the issues and opportunities.

Japan New Zealand Research Facility
In early 2007 CCE prepared a research outline introducing potential objectives, relevant background, roles, phases and resources for a potential research programme to contribute to government led efforts to take a forward looking and fresh look at the Japan New Zealand relationship. An early step by the proposed Japan New Zealand Research Facility is to consult interested parties on a research strategy from which they may benefit and to which they may contribute. One aspect of this research can be applied to communicating more about Kansai.

18 April 2007



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