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Lifting our game
Tonga-New Zealand 1950
Sione comes to New Zealand - A Samoan migrants story
NZ Economic Transformation Report


Developing Pacific citizenship

The first edition of Pacific citizens focused on Lifting our game - and is the basis for reporting some significant current trends in self determination

The Decisionmaker Pacific citizens publication series built on the research focus of the Being Pa'alagi programme.

The second Pacific citizens online publication is Tonga New Zealand 1950 - Pousima Afeaki, a Giant of a man.

The third Pacific citizens online edition, is building on other aspects of the 1972 social studies text Sione comes to New Zealand - A Samoan migrant's story.

The death of Samoa's Head of State, Malietoa, in May 2007 marked the lowering of the curtain on the first significant Act of Pacific Islands' self-dermination - in 1962.

The online medium assists authors to share work-in-progress with readers and other colleagues.

It also shares information about some relevant exhibitions and educational resources - such as Innocents Abroad, opened in Wellington's Museum for City and Sea in early 2006, as well as Siu Ki Moana, Reaching Across the Pacific, in the National Library in Wellington until March 2006.

In May 2007, Susuga Malietoa Tanumafili 11, Head of State since Samoa became independent in 1962, died. Anthony Haas returned to Apia for the State Funeral Service. He reported these dates as marking the opening and closing of the first Act of Pacific citizens' political self determination. The report is also the base for Asia Pacific Films in production.

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An early Pacific citizens publication, the 1970s school text, Sione comes to New Zealand - a Samoan migrants' story, is being updated.
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Samoa's Malietoa
Tonga 1950
Tonga 2005
Tokelau 2005

Find out more from the Centre for Citizenship Education.

Updated 20 May 2007




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