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Directory for citizenship education
Directory on cultural diversity

State-owned enterprises

Government departments
CEOs for NZ govt departments
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Information and services

DecisionMaker Publications

DecisionMaker Publications creates titles by collecting, evaluating and disseminating information to meet particular needs, working with organisations with specialist objectives. Asia Pacific Economic News Ltd has used this approach for two decades – and now, in cooperation with the Centre for Citizenship Education, provides further services for majorities and minorities.

Mobile: 021 375 321 (editor and publications developer)
027 242 2301 (publisher and interviewer)
Faq / glossaries

International Documents Service
This service, provided by the Parliamentary Library, offers public access to official information published by many foreign governments and intergovernmental agencies. Some examples are Australia, Pacific Island States, UK, Canada, USA, OECD, UN, EU, ADB, WHO, etc.

Both historical and current information is available in all subject areas.
Ph: 04) 471 9611
Fax: 04) 471 2551

Local government

Internet portal to Local Government.


A consultancy with over 30 years experience, and offices in Auckland, Wellington and Sydney. Provides public relations solutions to a wide range of public and private sector clients. Also publishes the New Zealand Government Directory, printed every February, and available online by subscription.
Tel: 4 382 6610

Other websites

National Library’s web directory includes govt and non-govt sites.

Public libraries

Good place to start participating in government. Larger libraries all hold collections of parliamentary and governmental publications.

This page updated September 2005

Pacific Cooperation Foundation

An independent public/private partnership which works to increase cooperation between New Zealand and her Pacific neighbours.
Tel 04 589 0280
PO Box 12 672, Wellington

Saunders Unsworth Ltd

Established in 1990, Saunders Unsworth is a Wellington-based consultancy specialising in public policy, strategy and communications.


An Internet-based news service, accredited to the New Zealand Parliamentary Press Gallery, and with its own reporters and correspondents around the world. News as it happens. Scoop provides professional media services, intelligence and advertising to the New Zealand parliamentary audience.

Strategic Policy Consulting

A wide range of services to public and private sector clients focused on enhancing their strategic and analytical capability.

Trans-Tasman News Service

Politics, economy, legislation and trade from Wellington and Canberra.

The World Paper

World Sources Online
International nformation
World Paper international marketing services
Such services of World Times are available through Asia Pacific Economic News Ltd

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Ask AccEase

A website that is easy and satisfying for use by people with disabilities and people negatively impacted by the digital divide is easy and satisfying for use by everyone

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