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Select committee members,
48th New Zealand Parliamen

As at 10 November 2005, with staff, and before consideration of allocationg memberships to Green List MP Nandor Tanczos, who took the seat vacated by he death of former Green co-leader Rod Donald.

By March 2006 some committee chairs had announced topics for inquiry, and the committee clerks can provide fuller information such as terms of reference, and dates for submissions. For example, the Health select committee chaired by Green MP Sue Kedgley embarked on an inquiry into obesity and type two diabetes. Some committee chairs consulted by DecisionMaker emphasised the role of their committee colleagues in choosing topics for inquiry.

Clerk assistant (Select committees): Andrew Beattie
Select committee office enquiries: Nicola Sinclair 04 471 9999

Education and Science
Finance and Expenditure
Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade
Government Administration
Justice and Electoral
Law and Order
Local Government and Environment
Maori Affairs
Officers of Parliament
Primary Production
Regulations Review
Social Services
Standing Orders
Transport and Industrial Relations

Clerk of committee: Carole Hicks .....Back to top

Chris Auchinvole (National), Gordon Copeland (United Future)(Deputy Chairperson),Shane Jones (Labour). Hon Winnie Laban (Labour), Mahara Okeroa (Labour), Katherine Rich (National)(Chairperson), Maryan Street (Labour), Chris Tremain (National), Pansy Wong (National)

Clerk of committee: David Sanders
Report writer:Mary Hay
Committee support: .....Back to top

Education & Science
Dr Ashraf Choudhary (Labour), Jacqui Dean (National),
Hon Brian Donnelly (NZ First) (Chairperson), Hon Bill English (National), Te Ururoa Flavell (Maori Party), Marian Hobbs (Labour),Colin King (National),Moana Mackey (Labour),(Deputy Chairperson), Allan Peachey (National), Dianne Yates (Labour)

Clerk of committee: Miles Reay
Report writer: Lorraine Fowlie
Committee support: Carol Brown.....Back to top

Finance and Expenditure
Gordon Copeland (United Future), Craig Foss (National),
Hon Mark Gosche (Labour), George Hawkins (Labour),
Rodney Hide (Act), Shane Jones (Labour) (Chairperson),
John Key (National), Dr the Hon Lockwood Smith (National) (Deputy Chairperson),Paul Swain (Labour), Chris Tremain (National),R Doug Woolerton (NZ First)

Clerk of committee: Lesley Ferguson
Report writer: Alison Dittmer
Committee support: Michele Reardon.....Back to top

Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade
Tim Groser (National), John Hayes (National), Keith Locke (Green), Hon Murray McCully (National), Jill Pettis (Labour),H V Ross Robertson (Labour), Paul Swain (Labour), Hon Georgina te Heuheu (National) (Deputy Chairperson), Dianne Yates (Labour) (Chairperson)

Clerk of committee: Michael Wilkinson
Report writer: Svea Cunliffe-Steel
Committee support: TBA .....Back to top

Government Administration

Shane Ardern (National) (Chairperson), Brian Connell (National),Russell Fairbrother (Labour),Sandra Goudie (National), H V Ross Robertson (Labour) (Deputy Chairperson), Hon Dover Samuels (Labour)

Clerk of committee: Nerina Bennett
Report writer: Peter Agnew
Committee support: Peter Papadopoulos .....Back to top

Dr Jackie Blue (National), Dr Jonathan Coleman (National)
Darien Fenton (Labour), Jo Goodhew (National), Ann Hartley (Labour), Sue Kedgley (Green) (Chairperson), Sue Moroney (Labour), Hon Tony Ryall (National), Barbara Stewart (NZ First),Maryan Street (Labour) (Deputy Chairperson), Tariana Turia (Maori Party)

Clerk of committee: Graham Hill
Report writer: Suzanne Green
Committee support: John Thomson .....Back to top

Justice and Electoral

Russell Fairbrother (Labour), Chris Finlayson (National) (Deputy Chairperson), Hone Harawira (Maori Party), Ann Hartley (Labour), Lynne Pillay (Labour) (Chairperson), Metiria Turei (Green), Nicky Wagner (National), Dr Richard Worth (National)

Report writer: Sean Rainey
Clerk of committee: Catherine Parkin
Committee support: Julie Jordan .....Back to top

Law and Order
Chester Borrows (National), Martin Gallagher (Labour) (Chairperson), Hon Winnie Laban (Labour) Ron Mark (NZ First) (Deputy Chairperson), Jill Pettis (Labour), Simon Power (National), Kate Wilkinson (National)

Report writer: Matthew Louwrens
Clerk of committee: Edward Siebert
Commitee support: Anne Barr .....Back to top

Local Government and Environment
Georgina Beyer (Labour), Mark Blumsky (National) John Carter (National) (Deputy Chairperson), Steve Chadwick (Labour) (Chairperson), Jeanette Fitzsimons (Greens), Martin Gallagher (Labour), Marian Hobbs (Labour), Eric Roy (National), Hon Dr Nick Smith (National)

Clerk of committee: Beth Watson
Report writer: Pavan Sharma
Committee support: Robina Richardson .....Back to top

Māori Affairs
Gerry Brownlee (National), Hon Tau Henare (National), Dave Hereora (Labour) (Chairperson), Hon Mahara Okeroa (Labour), Pita Paraone (NZ First), Hon Mita Ririnui (Labour), Dr Pita Sharples (Maori Party) (Deputy Chairperson), Hon Georgina te Heuheu (National)

Clerk of committee: Jeanette McCracken
Report writer: TBA
Committee support: Helen Culver .....Back to top

Officers of Parliament

Clerk of committee: Lesley Ferguson
Committee support: Steven Mitchell.....Back to top

Primary Production
Hon David Carter (National) (Chairperson), Dr Ashraf Choudhary (Labour) (Deputy Chairperson) Nathan Guy (National), Phil Heatley (National), Dave Hereora (Labour), Colin King (National), Moana Mackey (Labour), Hon Dover Samuels (Labour)

Clerk of committee: Tracey Rayner
Report writer: Paul Weakley.....Back to top



Clerk of committee: Louise Sparrer
Committee support: Peter Papadopoulos .....Back to top

Regulations Review

George Hawkins (Labour), Marian Hobbs (Labour) (Deputy Chairperson),Eric Roy (National), Maryan Street (Labour) Kate Wilkinson (National), Dr Richard Worth (National) (Chairperson)

Clerk of committee: TBA
Legal adviser: Debbie Angus
Committee support: TBA .....Back to top

Social Services

Paula Bennett (National), Georgina Beyer (Labour) (Chairperson), Sue Bradford (Greens), Steve Chadwick (Labour), Judith Collins (National) (Deputy Chairperson), Hon Harry Duynhoven (Labour), Taito Philip Field (Labour), Dr Paul Hutchison (National) Heather Roy (Act), Anne Tolley (National), Judy Turner (United Future)

Clerk of committee: Michelle Malyon
Report writer: Melanie Phelan
Committee support: Mere Te Huki .....Back to top

Standing Orders

Clerk of committee: David Bagnall
Committee support: Helen Culver.....Back to top

Transport and Industrial Relations
David Bennett (National), Peter Brown (NZ First),
Bob Clarkson (National), Darien Fenton (Labour), Taito Philip Field (Labour), Hon Mark Gosche (Labour)(Chairperson), Dr Wayne Mapp (National) Sue Moroney (Labour), Hon Judith Tizard (Labour) Hon Maurice Williamson (National)(Deputy Chairperson)

Clerk of committee: Bob Bunch
Report writer: Andy Gardner
Committee support: Tina-Marie Henry.....Back to top


Girls playing cricket - an example of an activity that can he;p reduce obesity and its complications

Parliamentary select committees can inquire into any topic the MPs agree on - in 2006 the Health Committee began to ask what can be done to prevent obesity and type two diabetes spreading when steps such as more exercise can help prevent the epidemic. Citizens are encouraged to participate in such inquiries by making submissions