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NZAID – NZ’s Aid Agency

New Zealand gives about $230 million, about 0.25% of its GNP, as development assistance to other countries. Successive governments have believed that helping other countries build opportunities for their people over time creates a more stable, peaceful and prosperous world. Opinion polls suggest that large numbers of ordinary New Zealanders share this view.

New Zealand’s official development assistance – overseas aid – programme is run by the New Zealand Agency for International Development, NZAID.

A semi-autonomous agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, NZAID came into being in July 2002, replacing the Ministry’s Development Cooperation Division.

The overriding goal of the agency is the elimination of poverty. ‘Poverty’ for NZAID means not only destitution but also relative poverty. This includes lack of access to education, health facilities, employment opportunities and other advantages that people in developed countries take for granted.

NZAID concentrates its work in the Pacific, but also runs programmes in Asia, Africa and Latin America. It has 20 principal partner countries. About 73% of funding is used for bilateral (country-to-country) or regional assistance and 27% for multilateral (international agency) support.

Some NZAID programmes are managed directly by agency staff at diplomatic posts or in Wellington, while others are delivered by New Zealand or developing country non-government organisations, or by contractors. NZAID works in close partnership with New Zealand development and relief agencies in many aspects of its operations.

The agency is managed in four main groups: Pacific; Global (which includes Asian, African, Latin American and multilateral programmes); Strategy, Advisory and Evaluation; and Management Services. There are around 78 full-time staff, most of them in Wellington.

The agency has its own government Vote and its executive director reports directly to the Associate Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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You can find out more about NZAID and its work at





Aid staff load relief supplies on to a boat.

Loading New Zealand -supplied relief goods onto a French navy boat bound for the islands hit by Cyclone Ami.