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Ministerial Services

The Ministerial Services Unit of the Department of Internal Affairs provides a range of services that oil the wheels of government and help keep it working.

These services include administration, accounting, personnel, residential property management, computing services, media monitoring and research, and multi-media presentation work. The Unit is also responsible for employing all staff in ministerial offices.

It is supported by various other units of Internal Affairs that provide key services to executive government.

VIP Transport Services provides chauffeur-driven transport and related services for the Prime Minister, other Ministers, the Speaker, the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Opposition, and for former Prime Ministers and Governors-General.

The Visits and Ceremonial Office arranges ceremonial occasions such as Waitangi commemorations, state funerals, visits by foreign heads of State and Royal visits.

The Translation Service and New Zealand Gazette Unit provides translation of over 60 languages for Ministers, government departments and private individuals. The New Zealand Gazette Unit also publishes the weekly New Zealand Gazette, which deals with the official business of government.

Updated 10 February 2006