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Citizens and the law

Universal rights and New Zealanders

Holding the balance
New Zealand's Bill of Rights
Delivering justice
Reforming the law
Checks and balances with Officers of Parliament
Investment watchdog
Fair financial dealing
Healing the past, building a future with Treaty Settlements
Who looks after your civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights 
Rights of the child from UN . 
The laws we live by and the Diversity Action Programme
Advocates for health and disability service users
Citizens' Advice Bureau


The laws we live by

illustrated by the Diversity Action Programme 2004 - ?

Past DecisionMaker Guides have focused on the law and justice – helping people identify law that affects you at times of conflict. But there are other types of domestic and international law, such as company, tax, employment, consumer, family, environmental, local government. These provide frameworks within which people and organisations manage their relationships with other people and organisations. Indeed, they are the laws we live by the laws that govern the activities of everyday life.
In the 2002-05 edition of the DecisionMaker Guide to Parliament and Government, we touched on some of these, and said that "in later editions, we hope to explore them in more depth".

Find out more about and from what we have done by looking at the Directory on Cultural Diversity, which the Centre for Citizenship Education developed in partnership with the Diversity Action Programme facilitated by the Human Rights Commission.

The Diversity Action Programme arose out of acts of discrimation in New Zealand in 2004, and continues with a range of partners and projects reflecting reactions to incidents and a proactive approach to the principles set out in the Programme's ten point action plan, reflected in turn in the National Action Plan for Human Rights.











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