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Ten point NZ Diversity Action Programme

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The Ten steps

1. Develop a network of people and organizations that share a vision and a concern for harmonious relationships in a diverse and inclusive New Zealand.

2. Establish a forum through the internet, with information pages and a web-portal to new and existing sites about New Zealand’s diverse communities.

3. Create a centre for the study and promotion of cultural diversity that is able to lead research, inform debate, and connect people in different institutions and organizations.

4. Conduct a public conversation about our constitutional, legislative and institutional framework to protect human rights including diversity.

5. Focus on education and youth through a review and reform of the school curriculum to ensure that civics, values, languages, histories and cultures are part of the core curriculum and that there are high quality resources to support it.

6. Foster diversity in the media so that they reflect and promote the diversity of our society, both through greater diversity in the mainstream media and through the strengthening of Maori, Pacific and other ethnic media to give voice to all New Zealanders.

7. Support the successful settlement of refugees and migrants, through the development of migrant settlement plans for every local area by local authorities in conjunction with iwi, migrant, community and business groups, as well as health, education, police and other government service providers.

8. Celebrate diversity through cultural festivals and diversity in the arts, with increased central and local government support for communities, artists and performers.

9. Provide connections to our heritage through the involvement of all ethnic communities in historic, cultural and natural conservation and telling the diverse stories about our land and our histories.

10. Promote dialogue and exchange between people of different views, cultures and faiths.

The complete text of the New Zealand Diversity Action Programme, including the ten steps and the ten key actors is available at .

The complete text of the New Zealand Diversity Action Programme, including the ten steps and the ten key actors is available at .

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