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Welcome to the Religious and Interfaith area of the Directory on Cultural Diversity

The Directory on Cultural Diversity was launched on Race Relations Day 2005 as a Centre for Citizenship Education partnership project with the NZ Diversity Action Programme of the Human Rights Commission. Find out more from the decisionmaker interfaith webmaster about this religious and interfaith area, commenced on 13 February 2006.


  3rd National Interfaith Forum
 26 and 27 February 2006, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

Strengthening Spirituality - a shared path to Peace

To be opened by the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Helen Clark
Due to parliamentary security requirements, registration is essential.

Find out more with a visit to
or contact Tiopira H Rauna tel: 021 450 733.

The 3rd National Interfaith Forum is held in partnership with the NZ Diversity Action Programme of the Human Rights Commission, and is organised by members of the Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim & Sikh communities in Wellington.


Sources of information to illustrate Islamic
values, beliefs and sensibilities.

The following sources of information articles are introduced to this Directory by the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ).

An explanation of the Concept of God in Islam

An explanation of the Concept Of Worship In Islam

An explanation of the Islamic Calendar & Important Dates

The Islamic Calendar - Its History & Rationale

What Are the Five Pillars of Islam?

An introduction to Understanding Islam & Muslims

An explanation of Human Rights In Islam

An explanation of The Status Of Women In Islam

A detailed explanation of Muslim Clothing Requirements for Both Men and Women

The NZ Muslims' Declaration Denouncing All Kinds Of Terrorism http:/

Find out more from the FIANZ Webmaster at FrogWrite Creations, Wellington Find out more from the FIANZ webmaster about permission from the appropriate publishers and authors to reproduce the articles above.


New media savvy website timely

A new online resource aimed at helping New Zealanders develop a better understanding of the media was timely given recent debate around the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, NZ Broadcasting Minister Steve Maharey said on 14 February 2006.

"The events of recent weeks have reinforced the huge impact media can have in our society," Steve Maharey said. "If there was ever a time to increase our media literacy as a nation it is now.

"The Mediascape website is a great tool for parents, children and students who are interested in becoming more media savvy. It will help people to make more informed and critical choices about media and is destined to become a key feature in our virtual and media landscapes."

Developed by the New Zealand Broadcasting School - in partnership with the Broadcasting Standards Authority, the Advertising Standards Authority and the Families Commission – the website includes tips on media use for families along with information and advice on media content, and discussion on key issues.

It also explains the broadcasting and advertising codes of practice and how to protest about content.

The website is live at


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