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Prime Ministerial pointers
Prime Minister Helen Clark identified the programmes and new initiatives led by government departments in 2004 that contribute to New Zealand’s Diversity Action Programme. She had been asked for this by Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres.

The identified government programmes and initiatives are tools citizens can use in navigating their way towards information and services of interest to them.

The names, websites and basic contact information in listings in the Directory for Citizenship Education and references are to help diverse citizens and those aiming to help them. Profiles and briefings such as those in the DecisionMaker Guide to Parliament and Government are fuller navigational tools.

Directory listings, and supplementary profiles and briefings, can assist citizens find relevant people and organizations. More progress may be made in the enquiry by reference to programmes and new initiatives of government agencies. Enquirers interest in all New Zealanders, or one particular culture, or one particular location, can also learn from the experience the host society and other cultures have had in living with each other.

The Directory on Cultural Diversity accentuates what the Prime Minister initially singled out – making it easier for targeted enquiries about policies and progress, and the development of constructive educational initiatives.

The Directory also introduces prime sources on Maori, Pacific, Asian and other ethnic community contacts in New Zealand.

The content and distribution of the Directory on Cultural Diversity and allied citizenship education publications will be developed interactively in cooperation with readers and other partners.

In 2006, for example, information from the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand about understanding Islam was added in the Religious and Interfaith area of the Directory.


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