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Citizenship education: participate

DecisionMaker Citizenship education supports the aim of New Zealand social science education: to enable participation in a changing society as informed, confident, and responsible citizens. We acknowledge the work of the NZ Ministry of Education's Social Sciences Reference Group, which on on 4-5 May 2005 agreed "the four main senior subjects, history, geography, economics and social studies should be included in the structure."

We welcome the social science view that "key concepts of identity and citizenship must be explicit" - an educational policy and professional development target behind DecisionMaker citizenship education since Parliamentary Service sought our publishing help in 1990. The Centre for Citizenship Education (CCE) cooperates with others to develop such policy and professional development - and provides a forum for discussion and networking opportunities.

Read on to find out more about how Parliament, government and the law work – and

Directories, backed by briefings and profiles, are offered to assist all New Zealanders find out more about government and non government programmes. DecisionMaker citizenship education helps host society and migrant organisations to communicate and enhance the settlement process.

Our education users have ranged from students and teachers in secondary school social studies – and in the School of Government at Victoria University of Wellington. We support continuing citizenship education throughout life with people such as Parliamentarians and librarians, advice bureaux and media who help reach out to other citizens.

The web makes it easier for us to help readers from overseas – from prospective students to migrants, from prospective tourists to New Zealanders on their overseas experience.

Visit decisionmaker.co.nz again about your current or future interests, update yourself and share information about it with your friends. Make links. We also welcome reciprocal links to add value to all our understandings.

Email Anthony Haas, DecisionMaker publisher and CCE Director, with practical suggestions.

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